Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal


Game Description

It is the short description about the robot unicorn attack heavy metal game, which gained huge amount of popularity lately in few months. If you are interested in action played games then I would say that this one is especially for you to have fun while playing it.

Before starting the game play itself, the background screen tells you information how you will be able to control the characters while starting it. For example using Z for jumping and so on, I will not mention all of them but after taking glance at them you will understand everything immediately because everything is described in brief.

This one is similar to the last version but is little bit different from the former one, such as the main color is black and the gameplay takes place under the ground which is fully fired. Instead of 3 healthy points you will get special nightmares which are the same but name is different . If you are not in love with rainbows and that staff of color then you will definitely go for this, getting dash is quite crucial too. Also if you love heavy metal music then I would say that after taking one chance of playing it you will feel all the positive emotions.

In this one main character is black fired horse which is really fast. One thing is sure, the difficulty of gameplay is much harder in robot unicorn attack heavy metal then in the former version. Also graphics are developed and brand new music and maps are added for players to having fun. Obstacles are added and functionality is much bigger.

I would suggest you to be patient and attentive while playing it because at first you will die huge amount of times, but then after gaining some experience, you will master it and start to break the records and your stats will amaze you too. Just make sure to avoid all the possible problems and difficulties while changing into another animal. It really does not change but it evolutes in some way, such as it gains speedy and stamina so it gets easier for you to control in using the keyboards. Do not lose time and take the chance of playing robot unicorn attack heavy metal right away.