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We have checked tens of websites who are similarly uploading flash games about different types of fictional characters. So we had the idea of creating and gathering all the best Moana games, which are developed and already created by talented people who have some kind of love in this hero. So you may not really know who she is but I will tell you all the valuable information in detailed right now.

Actually she is an American computer animated film start who was created about one year ago by the famous animation studio. If you want to get know to her you are free to watch the movie itself to know more about her personalities. Small stone has the mystical power which is being stolen by a sea demigod who plans to give it to humanity. Moana get chosen by all these ultra powered people but at first she refuses to take it , that is why Tui comes to get her. That little part of the journey creates all the different types of problems to solve. This was the main reason of creating Moana games for our visitors. Here we offer some of the highest quality games which you will enjoy playing a lot. Do not forget to invite your friends and family to discover the world of Moana. Try your best to help her solve some of the biggest problem, finding that special stone.