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Escape Games

It is already high time to play one of the most well know escape games. Before I will start reviewing every game step by step, I want to explain what this category really means and what kind of games you as the player will have the chance of trying. So main plot of the screen play will be to escape out of dangerous places, most commonly the prison is the place that you should get out of, interesting thing about the game play is that you will have to navigate your character thought the steps, but there are lots of ways of losing but in the case of using all of the abilities and skills that you might have, I am sure that you will not face any kind of problem regarding that topic.

Of course escape games involve all the other categories’ elements, for example: would you image finding yourself in the middle of the catastrophe and not using the weapon so survive? It is impossible to make that happen. As I have already said there will be shooting actions and running modes too while playing the games in this category. Get ready to escape as silently as you can, because if the police hears the voice , you may find yourself back in the protected areas. Do not hurry up , you may lose the game easily in the matter of minutes, my personal tip for everyone would be to set up their strategy at first and then follow it once there is the use of it. This way every action will be fully controlled by your character, but remember that plans may change due to opponent’s actions, after considering both parts then it will be easier for you to win the game.