Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur games offer any player an unforgettable journey into the past of mankind to its origins, straight to the top of the origin of life on earth. After a long path of evolution from the ancient reptiles, these majestic giants, the size of a five-story house, are certainly a crown of nature dominating over all the creatures inhabiting in Jurassic world.

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Dinosaurs mean terrible, amazing and dangerous lizards. They appeared about 225 million years ago, but even nowadays they still terrorize and instill fear every inhabitant of the planet Earth. Dinosaur games let you travel in real Jurassic world. Moving on two or four legs, carrying his heavy ridge of bone armor, having at its disposal as sharp as a needle, teeth and long claws are strong, dinosaurs were only a real killing machine. It is not difficult to guess what role in all this commotion occurred fauna of lower rank. Fragile and defenseless creatures were forced to hide or flee headlong aimlessly, but only the silhouette of the ancient monsters appeared on the horizon in the games which you can download or play in any browser for free.

Now it is your turn to experience all litigation plights of these lizard-like creatures. No fan of these prehistoric inhabitants of the troubled centuries will not go away annoyed because our portal – is a real virtual encyclopedia on all of these fearsome creatures that you can easily try out just by clicking the mouse. Support these prehistoric species in the struggle for survival against enemies of all kinds and what’s more you can try out all these features without departing from the monitor screen. In our dinosaur games, you can explore the creatures that lived millions of years ago! You can play among cavemen and all kinds of dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Our games are characterized with varied plots, the genre of the battle to adventure. You can play any game, have fun in prehistoric times and fight like a caveman with beasts roam the planet and ate enemies for dinner! On our site, you can cope with the monster weighing over 1000 kg with one click. You can play with the animals and ancient enemy chew dinner, wagging his tail and waving claws or, choose a caveman, and kill all the dinosaurs in sight! You can go on the hunt for dinosaurs and destroy them using any weapon. Our collection includes colorful graphics, beautiful game environment and exceptionally smooth stories!