Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters


Game Description

Crazy Shooters is the first person 3D shooting game with lots of cool features in it such as RPG by which you can explode everything that moves. Before start playing choose the desired nickname and join already existing room or you can create your own and play with your friends. Select the game mode: FFA or Team, map one out of four and weapons you wish to play with or without. There is a long list of weapons such as: RPG, Blaser R93, M79, M67, MP5KA4, STW-25, M87T, Deagle and BallisticKnife.

When playing Crazy Shooters you need to kill as many players as you can to find yourself in leaderboard. Pay attention on health bar, when it’s near zero you need to be careful and hiding is the best tactics in this case.

How to Play?
Move – WASD
Jump – Space
Aim – Mouse Right Button
Shoot – Mouse Left Button
Reload – R
Run – Shift
Change Weapon – 1-9 or Scroll the Mouse

Tips and Tricks:
You can change the quality of graphics and sensitivity in “Options”.
Turn on/off music and sound.
When shooting your opponent try to move or jump, this way you make it harder to be killed.
There is the most fatal weapon in Crazy Shooters and it’s RPG.

Crazy Shooters Walkthrough