Warfare 1917


Game Description

This is the beloved online flash strategy game during the First World War. Step into the First World War as the British or German army! Here, each player is given the same task the aim of which is to create an army of infantry and military equipment for displacement of the enemy from their territory. You can play both the campaign and try to win on both sides of the war. If you play on the side of the British, you attack inside the trenches.

The goal is to defeat the other army and building your morality! Did you know how morality was achieved in those days? It was believed that the destruction of the tanks and the death of officers greatly affected to morale of men. So it is not hard to imagine what one felt while fighting in the fields of the First World War. In Warfare 1917 victory is achieved when the enemy will be completely displaced from the battlefield, so do not let the enemy win the territory. For this, you can upgrade the troops and train them so hard that they will become real assassins. As each player participates in the First World War, it would be good if users knew more about that particular period to feel themselves on the real battlefield.

What’s more about the instructions, well, the player must command the British or German army and conduct trench warfare 1917 . As you know, trench warfare was very common in the First World War. If it is uncommon for you, try to search in google and then turn to the game which game has two modes: campaign and fast battle. In campaign mode you can play as the British or the German, but it should be noted that the German campaign is harder to adapt. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is recommended by the developers to take the side of the UK. When you are on their side, you need to create as many soldiers as you can to attack the enemy’s trenches, so arrange fortifications and become the number one destructor in the web.

So, in this exciting game you will find yourself in times of war between Britain and Germany in 1917. Do not miss your chance to get one step forward to the history where soldiers, tanks and artillery were number one sources of forming kingdom and real empire.